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Neighborhood Housing Services 
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Services and Programs

Owner Rehab Loans:

This program is designed to help homeowners in the Downtown, Oldtown, Sawmill, Wells Park, Santa Barbara/Martinez and other neighborhoods by providing low interest home improvement loans to families that are unable to secure financing through commercial lenders. Depending on family size, income, and debt load, interest rates range between 0% and market rates.

First Time Homebuyer Loans:

SWNHS has a variety of loans available for the first time home buyer. We offer competitive rates.

Down payment and Closing Cost Assistance:

SWNHS offers matching loans for down payment and closing cost assistance. The loan interest rate varies between two and five percent.

Homebuyer Education:

Homebuyer Education is a course that demystifies the complex process of buying a home. Some of the topics covered include budgeting, credit, savings, insurance, the role of a realtor and what can be expected at closing. A certificate of completion is issued to all participants.  Please call 505-243-5511 to inquire about more information.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling:

This is a free service offered by SWNHS aimed at preventing foreclosure. Clients facing default are informed of their options and assisted in obtaining a resolution.
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